If you want to reduce the costs of heating and cooling, it is always better to insulate your house the right manner. And the best insulation for your home can be nothing else than spray foam insulation.

The below are two types of Spray foam insulation which are

There are two forms of foam insulation:

  1. Open
  2. Closed cell

Though both are made out of a polyurethane material, the propellant agents added are different. Bio-degradable materials are added in some, so that they are environment friendly. Choosing the perfect insulation for the purpose of blocking the air infiltration must have high R-value. Care should also be taken to get the foam installed by professionals.

The price of foam insulation depends mainly upon the type of the foam and the thickness of the wall. It can also be seen that foam insulation is much cost effective than any other kind of insulation available in the market today.

When you choose foam insulation, you can eliminate air infiltration, dusts, moulds as well as allergens. Moreover, it does not deteriorate or even sag.

Open Cell Foam

Usually, open cell foam is chosen for houses. Installation of Open cell foam is not so expensive and is much easier to work with. It allows the penetration of water and this is the reason why it is chosen for roof deck insulation. When water is allowed to enter, you will be able to find the leaks in the roof right before filling the leakages and cracks. Heat transfer is yet another benefit of open cell. This is particularly useful in sunny areas. Sun’s rays need almost 36 hours to go deep inside the foam which is 8 inches in thickness. In short, you can make your home cool and will remain cool all through the day.

Closed Cell foam

Closed cell foam has the benefit of supporting weight without any kind of compression. Unlike Open cell foam, closed cell foam does not allow water to penetrate, and is the best one suitable for basements or even crawl areas. It also has a high R-value. Moreover, is very hard and rough and so it would be difficult to work with it after insulation. This is the reason why it is used mostly in commercial areas and not preferred for homes.

When you install foam, you can keep off moulds from walls. Mould usually comes due to thermal loop effect. The heat penetrates the wall right at this portion and when it comes in contact with the interior dry wall that is cooler, moisture is formed. This is the real reason behind the formation of mould on the walls.

For making your house insulated the right manner, make sure you choose spray foam so that you can get maximum results at a minimum cost. Contact professionals of the field for better and quicker foam insulation for your homes.

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